About Us

Overseas Immigration Investment and Wealth Management Union (OIIU) is co- sponsored by successful business people, immigrant investors worldwide, top professionals from overseas immigration services, and some of the outstanding professionals in the investment and wealth management circles. As one of the non- profit social organizations, OIIU consists of Chinese entrepreneurs located around the world, well-known law firms domestically and abroad, the USCIS-designated regional centers, developers from US, overseas real estate developers, top global financial and investment institutions, and the first-level commercial chambers at home and abroad with their willingness to assist. The Union will function as a platform that shall facilitate communication and contact between the enterprises and individuals from China and US as well as any other countries, and boost the bilateral exchange in terms of economy, trading and culture between China and the world. The Union shall also assist Chinese entrepreneurs who wish to act as immigrant investors in order to place their children to receive the sound education overseas for their brighter career development. Further, the Union will make a reasonable arrangement for overseas property purchases and asset management, as well as asset configuration worldwide.

OIIU concentrate its effort on three main themes: overseas investment and financing, overseas immigration and wealth management. The functions are stated as follows:

  • Overseas investment: property purchase worldwide, merge and go listing internationally, overseas project development;
  • Overseas immigration: North America, Europe and Australia;
  • Wealth management: asset configuration scheme worldwide, tax plan with regard to global assets, family trust services, etc.

The professional team of OIIU and the long-term strategic partners has rendered the professional and high-quality service to help thousands of families to obtain the legal permanent residence of Canada and US as well as other developed countries. Simultaneously, the OIIU team helped them obtain property worldwide and explore their overseas businesses successfully. Further, through its rich resources in terms of finance and wealth management, OIIU possesses the capability for cross-country, multiple and specialized financial services and successfully offer overseas property placement, assets management and wealth management to thousands of individual investors and institutional investors. Additionally, OIIU already assisted hundreds of enterprises to accomplish their overseas financing, listing and merging.