An authoritative survey from Minsheng Bank and McKinsey shows that recently, with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the number of High Net worth Individuals is growing fast, the Compound Annual Growth Rate of which will hit 20% and achieve two million by 2015.

This growth stimulated active demand for wealth management, which showed family management and Global asset allocation characteristics. Meanwhile, the scale of the richest people who immigrated overseas was getting larger and larger accompanied by the increasing preferences for overseas education, travel and residential environments.

Published by China international immigration report from “blue book for international talents”, the total amount of Chinese “overseas immigrants” has reached 9.34 million and has risen 128% in the past 23 years. China became “the 4th largest emigration country” while it only ranked No.7 in 1990.

At the same time, wealthy Chinese people purchasing building property has become a trend in development, as China’s real estate market is regulated continuously, more and more Chinese begin to invest in real estate overseas. At present, the scale of wealthy people who have property overseas has reached 33%, property overseas on average, accounts for 19% in total investable asset - and investment objective focuses on real estate. Among the High Net Worth individuals who have no asset overseas, almost 30% are planning to invest overseas in the next 3 years.

According to “Trend of Chinese Houses Buyers’ purchasing property overseas in 2012”, the present domestic individuals who purchased property overseas are mostly from Beijing and Shanghai.

In this context, to find an optimized solution for Global asset allocation, selecting professional service suppliers, and to solve all kinds of problems due to information asymmetry, faced by High Net Worth Individuals will be listed as topics for discussion in this forum.

This forum will attract more than 500 High Net Worth Individuals who own at least RMB 10 million and Chinas most influential elitists from many sectors, they include: leaders of industry and commerce, investors and entrepreneurs, government representatives, diamond - class members of American Investment Immigrants Association, and other social mainstream people.