Henry Zou

President of Henry Group ----- Dr. Henry Zou

Dr. Henry Zou graduated with a Ph.D from McMaster University in Canada in 1991 and set up Henry Global Consulting Group in 1992. Over 20 years, Henry Group has developed into one of the most prestigious professional immigration firms worldwide and has gradually expanded into a multinational real estate financial group concentrating on the market of North America. In the recent years, besides the fast and significant growing of traditional business including but not limited to real estate development, real estate investment funds, overseas business investments, immigration and study-abroad and international business consulting, the business of Henry Group has largely focused on real estate investments and developments in the U.S.. As the number of EB-5 real estate investment projects financed by Henry Group has reached over 40 and total financed amount has exceeded 10,000,000,000 USD, the performance of the Henry Group in the U.S. market breaks its own record year by year and keeps a rapid-growing trend. Therefore, Dr. Henry Zou has made great contributions to exploration of Chinese enterprises making outbound and overseas investments.