Emanuel Organek

Emanuel Organek has been engaged in real estate investment, property management, and asset management for over 35 years, both for properties in which he has had an ownership role and for third-party institutional and private owners. Various entities and affiliates that he owns and controls are currently engaged and asset management, including continental Realty management Corporation and Tuppence Management Corporation, both formed in 1986.Mr.Organek has been involved in Baton Rouge real estate since 1988,and New Orleans real estate since 1998.

Earlier, Mr.Organek was a vice president of the Wall Street securities firm of Loeb,Rhodes, Homblower and its successors, which were engaged in property and asset management for institutional investors, pension funds and wealthy individuals .He has been involved in portfolios worth over a billion dollars located across the United States and across all asset classes.

Prior to his work at loeb Partners Realty, Mr.Organek worked as an attorney with Milbank Tweed Hadley McCloy LLP in New York City and Pennamco in Philadephia. Mr.Organek is a graduate of Columbia College Law School in New York City, and is a member of the New York State and Federal Bar.